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What to do in Warsaw: Time for Chopin

July 26, 2017
Time for Chopin

It is a well-known fact that Warsaw is the city of Chopin. It is the city of his heart (literally, his heart is in one of the Warsaw churches for his last wish). Visiting concert of Chopin music should be really in the top of your to-do list in Warsaw. Adress will be given at the very end. Read! Continue Reading…


Be Beautiful in Summer. Summer skin care

July 9, 2017
Be Beautiful in Summer. Summer skin care

Last month I visited lecture where cosmetologist told us how to treat our skin in summer. I’ll give answers to the crucial questions that we talked about. First of all, you need to know that all the information I’ve got on this meeting. Besides, I’ll show you some photos of the beautiful atmosphere that was there. Continue Reading…


Cycling Weekend

March 14, 2017
Cycling Weekend

Hello, my friends! It is the middle of March and it’s cool outside, so I want to remember the first weekend of spring. It was awesome. I spent it cycling because I think that’s one of the best activities in such a good sunny weather as it was! Continue Reading…


My Women’s Day

March 10, 2017
My Women's Day

Hello, my beautiful friends! This Wednesday we’ve celebrated Women’s Day. The first spring holiday full of love, joy and life. It is so cute to see the couples walking along the streets with flowers just enjoying time with each other. This day inspires me and says, that spring is coming. Fingers crossed! This beautiful day my boyfriend cooked for me delicious pancakes and gifted such a beautiful rose in the pot. I think it is the best way to gift a flower! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and here are a few photos of mine.  Continue Reading…


Little part of Poland

February 28, 2017
Little part of Poland 1

Walking along the streets in Poland it’s hard not to notice how beautiful they are in details. Doors are what I pay attention to. It is amazing how different and beautiful they are and there is always something behind. Have a look!

Continue Reading…