My skincare routine

February 16, 2017
Skincare Routine

Hi, everyone! A few days ago I came up with an idea to write about my skincare routine. I think it’s a very good topic, moreover, it’s important. I’m 19 but I got skilful in it just a few months ago. It’s pity, but it’s true. Whole my life I treated my skin wrong! First of all, you should know that I have dry type of skin, that’s why everything I write work for me, but it doesn’t mean that it will work for you. I think the most important thing is DO NOT USE CHEAP COSMETICS. It doesn’t mean that you should buy luxury one, just look at the list of ingredients. The more organic it is – the better it works for you. All these things as parabens and alcohol will make your skin dry and bring nothing to its health. Oh yeah, drink A LOT of still water, it would help to wash out toxins from your organism! So, here is my routine with all the steps.

Morning routine


This product will help you remove all sweat and dust and everything else that your skin gets during the night. Personally I use Refreshing Gel Cleanser and Nurishing Gel Cleanser from Yves Rocher. The work good for my skin and there is no feeling of mask or something like that after using, that means that product is of a good quality.

Gel Cleanser Yves Rocher

Gel Cleanser Yves Rocher


There are always layers of dead skin that you need to remove. If you don’t do it, your skin won’t get enough oxygen and benefit from products that you use. That’s it. But you should remember to use it max twice a week. I can recommend this Purifying Scrub from Yves Rocher. Now my skin soft and smooth for a long time. For me once a week is enough. I used a lot of other products, but my skin never felt as good as now.

Purifying Scrub Yves Rocher

Purifying Scrub Yves Rocher


I started using it I think a month ago. And you know what? It is so important!! I thought that toner is used when you don’t have enough time for a cleanser, but no. As I tried it I can tell you for sure how important it is. In fact, this product works as cleaning, nourishing and preparing your skin for the next steps. Cleanser can’t clean your skin perfectly, while toner does the rest work due to its consistency. I’ve noticed results after a few day of using it. Now my skin is soft and clear. I use Nourishing Toner from Yves Rocher.

Nourishing Toner Yves Rocher

Nourishing Toner Yves Rocher

Eye cream

I’m 19 and I already have wrinkles under my eyes and it’s awful. I use now Natural Olive Eye Cream from Ziaja, but I can’t recommend it to you ’cause it doesn’t work. If someone knows a good moisturising eye cream just let me know. I need it! I also have Panda’s dream Stick from Tonymoly that helps me with my under eye circles and bags in the morning. This thing works.


I have a good nourishing cream with SPF Nourishing Cream from Yves Rocher. This product protects my skin from cold. Once I used cheap cream for dry skin and wondered what’s wrong with my health and skin, ’cause I had a very dry skin with red areas on my face and the most confusing thing was that skin was always oily (that’s why I always thought that I have oily type of skin and used wrong cosmetics). In fact, the problem is in parabens. That’s it. Choose your cosmetics wisely!

Nourishing Cream Yves Rocher

Nourishing Cream Yves Rocher

Night routine

I won’t write a lot because products are almost the same.

Makeup remover

I use oily PurBleuent Makeup Remover from Yves Rocher. In fact, it’s for eyes, but I use for the whole face. It gently removes makeup and nourishes your skin.

PurBleuent Makeup Remover Yves Rocher

PurBleuent Makeup Remover Yves Rocher

Cleanser, Toner and Eye cream are the same as in the morning.


I use the same but the night one without SPF.

Nourishing Night Cream Yves Rocher

Nourishing Night Cream Yves Rocher

Sleeping mask

Such a cute product as Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack from Tonymoly will give all the necessary vitamins for your skin while you sleeping. Use it 1-2 times a week.

Panda's Dream White Sleeping Pack Tonymoly

Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack Tonymoly

I hope I helped you somehow. As you can see I have not so many products and they are for the affordable price. I read a lot of pieces of advice about how Korean treat their skin, but there were too many different cosmetics and there are pretty expensive. I’ve chosen what I need and even with this products, my skin is way healthier.




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