Easter in Ukraine

April 23, 2017
Easter in Ukraine

Hello, my beautiful friends! As you may know from my previous posts I live in Poland. But I am of Ukrainian origin and these weekends I spent with my parents. This year Catholic Easter and Orthodox Easter are on the same day. I am Orthodox. Little have I known about Catholic traditions of celebrating Easter, but about Orthodox. I gonna tell you how our family celebrates this day. 

First of all, every family has its own traditions but also we have our general tradition. The first what we eat in the morning is painted egg, salo (pig fat) and Easter cake with red wine (Kagor). Then eat whatever you want.

Then take place family tradition.  In our family, dad is like a chef! He always cooks something very delicious and in the holidays it is shashlik ( in case you don’t know what it is, it is like a grilled meat).  

In Warsaw, everything is green around, but in Ukraine nature only starts waking up.



By the way, there is my beauty!

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