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Grilled Chicken leg thigh recipe

April 9, 2017
Grilled Chicken Recipe

Personally I am very lazy when there is a need to cook something, that’s why I break the stereotype that eating healthy demands too much time. I’ll show you super delicious, super easy and super healthy way of cooking chicken leg thighs. Continue Reading…


Sweet Potato fries

March 19, 2017
Sweet Potato Recipe

Sweet potato is a perfect snack for those who keep a healthy diet. When I tried it the first time, I didn’t like it, because of the taste. The taste is pretty sweet, what is unusual for me. But as I keep a healthy diet, I always try to find some new (for me) and good for the health food. Sweet potato is definitely one of them. This product will help you to keep heart health, control blood sugar and maintain energy, to cope with stress, keep skin and hair health, prevent cancer. So, here is one of the simplest¬†recipes you’ve ever seen.¬† Continue Reading…