Be Beautiful in Summer. Summer skin care

July 9, 2017
Be Beautiful in Summer. Summer skin care

Last month I visited lecture where cosmetologist told us how to treat our skin in summer. I’ll give answers to the crucial questions that we talked about. First of all, you need to know that all the information I’ve got on this meeting. Besides, I’ll show you some photos of the beautiful atmosphere that was there.

The meeting was held in Her Eyes Studio in WarsawThe special guest was Joanna Stys – cosmetologist.

What is our skin exposed to in the summer?

  • the Sun
  • Saltwater
  • Climate changes
  • Climatization

How to protect yourself from the negative effects of these factors?

  • UV protection
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Use of appropriate cosmetics

Cosmetics on the beach

  • UV face cream
  • UV body cream
  • Moisturising body mist based on thermal water
  • Hair protection cosmetics
  • Lipstick with UV

What to do to get a beautiful tan and keep it until the late autumn?

  • Peeling before sunbathing and after
  • Beta Keratin. Orange and dark green vegetable (pumpkin, mango, spinach)
  • Not hot shower

What level of protection to use?

After a long pause such as winter, your skin does not get used to the summer. When you go on vacation you need to prepare several levels of protection. The first couple of days use the highest level 50+, then go to the 30+. Remember that your skin gets toned even when you use the filter. 

As you can see it is important to protect your whole body.These pieces of advice were given by the experienced cosmetologist, so I hope you will find it useful. Spread this for more people to be informed.  There are some pics from this meeting for you to see how it was.

Her Eyes Studio

Her Eyes Studio

Her Eyes Studio

Her Eyes Studio

Her Eyes Studio

Her Eyes Studio

Her Eyes Studio

Her Eyes Studio

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