48 hours in Wroclaw

February 8, 2017
Old Town Wroclaw

Hallo, my beautiful friends! I travel not so often as  want to, but I gonna change it forever. These weekends I’ve visited Wroclaw. In fact, it was a spontaneous decision, so we’ve spent there 48 hours and what I gonna do is to tell you about this experience. Must say that I chose maybe not a good time for my trip. It is a period when all Christmas decorations are gone but it’s still winter and damn cold. Nevertheless, it was completely worth it. So today I’m gonna tell you how we’ve spent our 48 hours in Wroclaw.


First and the most important thing is just going on foot. It is not so hard because the city is not so big. Slow walk from Hydropolis to Old Town with a taking of tone photos took us approximately 30-40 minutes. You can just see so many beautiful places, besides you will not enjoy the journey in a full trolley, as there is no subway in a city.


Hydropolis, the centre of knowledge about water. It’s interesting to see, but not to listen to (in a case if you are not the native speaker of the polish language or speak it perfectly). There are a lot of information about water on our planet, it’s circulation in nature and so on. If you can read quickly, there are subtitles in presentations.


We’ve found out it just walking down the street near the Hydropolis. It is pretty cheap (1,50 zl/0,65 euro). The only thing is that it is better to visit it not in winter because of the view.

Old Town

As I live in Warsaw, I always compare Polish cities with the capital and what about Wroclaw Old Town, I liked it much more than in Warsaw. It is so nice and bright and there are dwarves everywhere. Try to find them all:)

Sky Tower

I think it is the only building of such height in Wroclaw. Here you have a possibility to go up on the 49 floor and observe the whole city.

Magnolia Park

It is a really huge mall and huge even for Warsaw city. It took me 4 hours to see it. There are a lot of shops and prices are pretty good.

Highly recommend visiting Wroclaw. This city excites, inspires and will remain in your heart forever.
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