10 Simplest Healthy Diet Tips

April 17, 2017
10 Simplest Healthy Diet Tips


Time flew by so quickly and it’s high time you started preparing your body for summer.

Drink water

Drink minimum 2 litres of water every single day. You should realise, that your organism can’t work well without water. Our body 70% consist of water. By the way, water is good to detox. It washes away all harmful elements from your organism. Drink only clear, not carbonated water.

Eliminate sugar and salt

It is always hard to refuse to eat salt or sugar, hard but not impossible. The simplest way is to eliminate it where it is possible. For instance, I drink tea without sugar but can eat several sweets. Or I don’t put salt when cooking something simple.

Replace sweets with dried fruits

Just because it is way healthier. When you get used to, it becomes super delicious.

Get protein in every meal

Important! Protein builds our body! Even if you have low calories diet and don’t get enough protein you won’t lose your weight!

Stop buying mayonnaise

Replace such sauces with natural yoghurt.

Don’t fry

Unhealthy. At all. Better to grill. Whether it is meat or vegetable, it will be healthier and tastier. Believe me!

Replace sausages with chicken breast

Do whatever you want with it, there are plenty options. If it is hard for you to replace, watch videos about how and what sausages are made of!

Have a schedule

Your metabolism starts working faster when you have a meal every day at the same time. Proved.

Eat slowly

You fill full after 20 minutes. Usually, when we are hungry, we eat too fast and as the result eat too much. Eat slowly and you’ll see that you need less to be full.

Don’t treat your diet as a torture

When I started eating healthy, I treated it as a torture. That I MUST do it. But than healthy eating became my way of living. My lifestyle. Now I’m not even looking at completely unhealthy products.

Love yourself, you’re worth it!

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