What to do in Warsaw: Time for Chopin

July 26, 2017
Time for Chopin

It is a well-known fact that Warsaw is the city of Chopin. It is the city of his heart (literally, his heart is in one of the Warsaw churches for his last wish). Visiting concert of Chopin music should be really in the top of your to-do list in Warsaw. Adress will be given at the very end. Read! Continue Reading…


Be Beautiful in Summer. Summer skin care

July 9, 2017
Be Beautiful in Summer. Summer skin care

Last month I visited lecture where cosmetologist told us how to treat our skin in summer. I’ll give answers to the crucial questions that we talked about. First of all, you need to know that all the information I’ve got on this meeting. Besides, I’ll show you some photos of the beautiful atmosphere that was there. Continue Reading…


Top 20 TV Series

June 11, 2017
Top 20 TV series 2

Today I’ve finished my serial and faced the problem of looking for the new one. Here is the list of my best of the best series to help you with your future choice. Enjoy watching! Continue Reading…